Diflucan (fluconazole) is a drug specially intended for individuals with fungal infections that have to be taking some medication to decrease the multiplication of fungi. This medicine is to be taken during the entire period of treatment although you symptoms may seem to boost after just a couple of days. This medicine is FDA maternity category C, which indicates it could be dangerous to an unborn baby. If you are expectant, or are visiting conceive, you have to inform the physician concerning that. Taking Diflucan may not be recommended to prevent damaging your nursing infant if you are nursing. Allow your medical professional understand if throughout the procedure you obtain such significant side results as seizures, hives, itching, harsh exhaustion, rash, pale stools, queasiness, absence of energy, difficulty breathing or ingesting, dark urine, loss of cravings, uncommon bleeding or bruising. There is no have to contact your medical professional if you have a few moderate negative effects as belly discomfort, pyrosis ( heartburn ), change in capability to try food, frustration, diarrhea, or lightheadedness. Take Diflucan as prescribed - ensure you never ever exceed the amount suggested or use this medication more typically than needed, as this is not likely to boost the effectiveness of your treatment.

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